Farmers pursue the perfect pineapple

Pineapples: Jam-Packed With Vitamin P To Help Your Family Through The Cold And Flu Season!

Discovered in the Caribbean and thought to originate in South America Pineapples are loved all over the world. And it’s not just everyone’s favourite tropical fruit...

The Hawaiians pair it with pork for stir-fries, Mexicans mix it with chopped onions and peppers for salsa, and a mild alcoholic drink called tepache is a prized beverage in Central America.

The pineapple is not just tasty and versatile in food dishes; it’s packed full of Vitamin P and other great health benefits to get you through the winter cold and flu season. Pineapples really are the King of Fruit.

Vitamin P – The Winter Flu Fighter

Vitamin P is an alternative name for powerful antioxidants known as bioflavonoids. Found in pineapple, it increases vitamin C absorption vital for a healthy immune system and in preventing recurring infections, flus, and colds.

Vitamin P also promotes healthy red blood cell growth to combat toxins that we unknowingly consume every day.

Narelle Stegehuis qualified leading Naturopath explains “Vitamin P is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and since inflammatory cells interfere with hormone balance such as insulin, cortisol, oestrogen and progesterone, it plays a vital role in our metabolic function.”

“Incorporating sources of Vitamin P into your daily diet is not difficult to accomplish and pineapple is an excellent source,” said Narelle.

Fresh Pineapple In The Kitchen All Year Round

Sweet, tasty and grown year round, fresh Pineapples are widely available at supermarkets, grocery stores and farmers markets.

When selecting your Pineapple always pick fruit that looks fresh, is firm to touch and has a sweet aroma.

Tropical Pineapples makes it easy for you; they pick their King of Fruit when they are ripe and ready for market and get them on the shelves for consumer’s fresh and ready to eat.

Remember that pineapples are perishable fruit and you should still watch them closely to ensure they do not spoil.

About Narelle Stegehuis

Narelle Stegehuis is a qualified naturopath and herbalist receiving her qualifications forms the Australian College of Naturopathy. Narelle has been consulting in her own clinic, Mass Attack, for the past 11 years and was recently awarded the ANPA (Australian Naturopathy Practitioners Association) Professional Excellence Award for her devotion to delivering the highest possible standard of natural health care.

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