Varieties of Pineapple

KING OF FRUIT Pure Gold (Developed in the last 10 Years)

king of fruit topless pineapple variety
King of Fruit
Pure Gold Pineapple Variety
Gold Crown Variety

These pineapples are naturally sweet, high in vitamin C and low in acid and have a much darker golden flesh than traditional smooth pineapples. In fact, one serve (100gm) of Pure Gold pineapple provides your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

They are consistently sweet and very high quality all year round which makes them perfect for all pineapple recipes. You will find them in the supermarket without their “crown” or top, as this top is replanted to grow another pineapple plant back on the farm. Increasingly some of our gold fruit is now sold with its top on and is labelled as the Gold Crown.

They have been developed by natural cross-pollination of selected parents (including the Queen or Rough Leaf and the Hawaiian Gold) to produce this new variety of pineapple. They are not a genetically modified organism.

At certain times of year, this variety is also sold with its crown still on.


Smooth pineapple

king of fruit top-on pineapple variety
Smoothies Pineapple

The Smooth (or Smooth Leaf Cayenne) pineapple is also available all year round and is the most common variety in Australia. It is the original and traditional fruit that has been growing here for 100 years.

Some people prefer the Smooth pineapple flavour and texture, however the flavour and sweetness will vary throughout the year. Smooth are always great for juicing so keep them in mind for your pineapple cocktail recipes and juices (try this delicious pineapple and orange smoothie recipe) whilst the fresh fruit is best eaten in the warmer months.

Smooth Leaf pineapples are still grown in large volumes for the cannery and processing market and are the contents of every Golden Circle pineapple tin.

In late summer, Smooth are also sold without their crowns or tops, when the quality is at a premium and their flavour is equal to any other topless fruit. Farm to market, the best tasty smooth come from Yeppoon in CQ and are proudly marketing with the Yeppoon Pineapple Brand.

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Pineapple and Orange Smoothie -

Pineapple and Orange Smoothie

Farmer Ben with a tray of Pure Gold -

Farmer Ben with a tray of Pure Gold