Pineapple Season Update

WINTER IS COMING….and has landed with full force!

Tropical Pineapples harvest pineapples consistently all through the year. Contrary to popular beliefs, gold pineapples are excellent quality and can be eaten right through winter. They ARE NOT just a summer fruit!

They are always in season as the harvest moves throughout Queensland and right now we are picking our amazing winter sweet variety.

Eating pineapples during winter will also keep you healthy and help fight against the dreaded Flu, they are packed full of Bromelain which can combat infections and eradicate bacteria.

We have had a challenging few months in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, and launched our Tropical Cyclone Pines Australia wide.

On behalf of ALL our Yeppoon farmers we would like to THANK EVERYONE who has purchased a Tropical Cyclone Pine, our farmers appreciate your support and help towards getting back on their feet.

We are seeing the last of this cyclone impacted fruit being harvested at the moment and will start to see bigger cleaner fruit picking as the winter norm.

Production will start to slow down in Yeppoon but continue right through winter, Our Sunshine Coast harvest will start to slow at the end of this month and our North Queensland growers will kick start with light production in July and gradually work up to full steam for Summer. Severe weather events continue to hamper our farms and recent flash flooding in South East Queensland has taken a toll on some of our pineapple crop with thousands of young plants washed away.

As proud Queensland battlers, we are proud of our growers and proud of our Stare of Origin, look out for our Central Queensland farmers supporting this year’s Maroons and another famous gold brand!


Remember, it takes 2 years to grow a pineapple!

Please support our growers and keep eating our Pure Gold - they are well worth the wait!

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