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Pineapple Season Update

Ham and Pineapple PizzaWith the first mini heatwave already passed, it looks like a long hot summer is on its way – perfect tropical pineapple weather for the festive season and this year's crop is as sweet and juicy as ever. After a cool winter and very low rainfall, our summer pineapples are looking great! But expect to see this summer's Pure Gold Pineapples a little smaller this year.

If you want some tips on choosing a pineapple you can check out our how-to guide so you always end up with the freshest, juiciest pineapple everytime.

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Put some Pure Gold pineapples into your trolley for a fantastic vitamin boost in a smoothie or for a quick easy meal like the sweet and sour chicken skewers.

Find more delicious pineapple recipes or snacks, dinner, desserts or drinks. Learn how to pick a ripe pineapple and a few ways to cut it.

Special this Summer!

Mini Gold, Australia's sweetest and tastiest mini pineapples will be plentiful right through summer this year with a bumper harvest expected in January. If you are planning something special for Christmas this year, remember the pineapple is the ultimate symbol of hospitality and the perfect decoration for your festive fruit bowl!

Looking ahead to Australia Day, we know there will be lots of sweet little pineapples available this year, so why not add pineapple to your Australia Day celebrations with the delicious Aussie Beef and pineapple burger.