Pineapple Season Update

We survived this summer's cyclone Marcia and have landed in autumn with a bang! The impact of the damage to our crops in Yeppoon is severe over the next 3 months but we expect the crops beyond that to recover partially.

With good rain and a hot summer, our autumn crop in the Sunshine Coast is looking good so harvest volumes and fruit size should be excellent.

In April and May we will be looking at harvesting some cyclone ravaged fruit. These will be imperfect picks and while not the most beautiful fruit in the bowl, they will still be the tastiest, with perfect internal quality. The wind and rain from the cyclone has created a few blemishes and burns to the skin but inside they are ripe and beautiful to eat.

We will be working hard to support the Yeppoon growers through the next few months as they rebuild their sheds and try their best to salvage what crop they have left.

Remember, it takes 2 years to grow a pineapple, and even though we often say that's 2 cyclones, 2 droughts and 2 floods, this is the harsh reality of growing this amazing fruit in tropical Queensland.

It makes it all the more valuable, and part of the appeal of fabulous fresh pineapple.

Please support our growers and keep eating our Pure Gold and Yeppoon Pineapples - they are well worth the wait!

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